Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Horror...And The Remedy

I don't usually do this, take a picture of a person without their knowledge...but I was stuck waiting in line at the post office for what felt like forever and, well, I was so horrified by what was in front of me. This woman was not at all honest when she looked at the mirror, that is if she looked in the mirror at all. We could all see every line and seam of her underwear under her awful capri pants (not just regular vpl, I'm talking EVERY seam). Plus the incredible wedgie that could not have been comfortable...oh, and then there are the socks pulled up. If it's so cold that you need to pull up socks, don't wear capris.

If you fear this could be you, buy as many pairs of this underwear shown below as you can, and wear it every day under everything, then at least you won't have people like me staring at every seam...

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