Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stylish Women's Work Bag

Briefcases or work bags can be difficult to find, you want quality, and for women in creative fields with flexibility, the old standard bag modeled on men's bags just aren't a good fit.

I found this gorgeous bag on sale at Endless -

Rachel Nasvik Phoebe

and I think it's perfect as a briefcase stand-in. It's dimensions allow for standard size laptops and files, along with all the things we need for a day - and look at that color! In addition to the short straps visible in the photo, it has a shoulder strap.

I love it so much I was trying to come up with justifications for getting it myself, but I did just buy that Gustto bag last week so I can't really do it - but you can! It was almost $600, and now it's $285. I have another Rachel Nasvik bag and I LOVE it, it's amazing quality and it isn't an obvious brand so on your way to work everyone won't be able to immediately identify it and someone ALWAYS complements it.

Happy shopping

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