Monday, January 12, 2009

What not to wear to a bar, among other places

*I tried links, but apparently google chrome does not work for this sort of thing. Guess I need to go back to Mozilla. Rats.

Greg and I went out on Saturday night. In some crazy fit of enthusiasm he thought we should go back to the bar where we met - they have a particular party there once a month where they take volunteer bartenders - I was a volunteer bartender when we met, so we had to do that part again this weekend too.

It was ridiculous. Wherever I turned there were horrifying sartorial mistakes. Like an ascot, I kid you not. And the dude with the ascot was not wearing it in some 'I'm crazy and have my own irreverent style' way. He was SERIOUS about his ascot. And as I found out the second he opened his mouth, he had the know-it-all air to go with it.

There were a surprising number of guys wearing ties, and I have to say I liked that. But they could not make up for the ascot.

As for the women, I have the same complaint I often do - everyone needs to take their body shape into account before trying to wear trends, or anything really. Take a good look in the mirror and figure out your best parts, and the ones you'd like to minimize or camouflage, and then figure out how to do it. Several times during the evening Greg asked me if certain women were pregnant (ugh) in a time when cute flowy tops are available everywhere and at every price point, as well has jeans with every possible rise, there should not be a question.

This is a cute inexpensive option -

If worn with jeans that hit at the right place, no horrifying pregnancy questions.

I also love tops with a banded bottom -

They also hide a multitude of sins.

A good time was had by all, but we went home pretty early and decided then and there we would not be returning. We are officially in couples coma (as opposed to Singles Stamina), the subject of an episode from our favorite show, How I Met Your Mother.


Erica said...

i can't see any of the pics!

Elena said...

I know, I'm sorry. I switched to google chrome and it did not work. I will go back to the annoying Mozilla for blogging I guess.