Monday, March 9, 2009

The Flat Dilemma...Solved?

I am a flat junkie, I wear them almost every day which means that sometimes my shoes wear out. That in turn means I occasionally need a replacement. That hasn't been a problem for the past couple of years however suddenly it has become one. I just cannot find a good flat, and boy have I looked. For some reason the Cole Haan flats of late have been oddly shaped - wider and rounder than years past. And other brands that I used to see around seem to have disappeared.

And then I saw these on Revolve, and on sale no less -

Botkier Shera in Marine Patent

Look at that color. I love it.
I would wear them with pretty much everything. Black, navy, denim, cream, red, pink, orange, whatever color you wear, I cannot imagine one that wouldn't look great with these shoes. A perfect shoe to start off spring...

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