Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Oscars Dresses

I was really impressed by many of the dresses worn to the Oscars this year. In fact, I was impressed by the show (I did fast forward through a lot of it) but Hugh Jackman was awesome! I saw him in 'A Boy From Oz' on Broadway and he just doesn't disappoint. I didn't watch the Barbara Walters interviews after the show, but I saw a clip today of his lap dance he did for her. whoa.

And back to the dresses - I'm going to focus on the good rather than the bad here:

Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson, they look AMAZING. I couldn't find a good picture of Viola alone so I put them up together - Taraji is so freakin' adorable and I love both of their dresses.

Angelina Jolie - a lot of people think she looked boring but I like it. It's tasteful and flattering and unfussy, as the mother of 6 kids I can't imagine a better choice. Plus those earrings...

Another black column dress I liked (surprisingly) -

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since it is a similar silhouette to my wedding dress.

Here we have some lovely blue dresses:

And cream dresses -

Evan Rachel Wood's dress is gorgeous, I love the detail on the bodice and the flowy skirt. It's beautiful, but I hate her makeup and hair, she looks so severe - it's like she is desperate to be an older woman.

Penelope Cruz wore a gorgeous vintage gown -

I also really liked Anne Hathaway's dress, she looked beautiful. I wonder though how the dress fit her because from some angles it looked like the bodice stuck out a little, like it was armor that couldn't quite be molded to fit. Anyway, it was gorgeous.

And Natalie Portman. Let's face it, she would look amazing in a shapeless sack but this gown is great - it's sophisticated but youthful at the same time. Perfect for a young woman who should look like a young woman.

Last but certainly not least, Meryl Streep. She sometime looks kind of crazy at awards events, but this dress is beautiful.

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alison said...

at least Evan Rachel wood got rid of the worst accessory, Marilyn Manson on her arm. after than, gotta leave her alone about the makeup and hair. I've already cast judgment on decisions so bad hair and makeup doesn't ruffle me.