Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Wedding Dress

I never posted a picture of my wedding dress, I thought about waiting for the photos from our photographer but my cousin took this lovely full length of me and I though I'd use it.

So that's me in my dress! I loved it so much, I wish I could wear it all the time.

I didn't have much of a process for choosing it, truthfully I went to the Saks bridal salon by myself armed with a few pages ripped out of a magazine (and all of my opinions of course). Marek, the great guy who helped me there listened to me and brought in 4 or 5 dresses. I liked them all, but I had seen this particular dress online and wanted to try it as well. I didn't think it would look good on me because I have very broad shoulders and very narrow hips. I thought I would look like a linebacker, but lo and behold - no football comparisons to be made. I fell in love with this dress.

It's very much in line with what I like to wear, and the clothes I admire in magazines and online. I can't emphasize how much I love this dress, I felt totally comfortable in it as well - dancing was not a problem. And as a bonus, with the boning and ruching I could actually eat. Now I just hope I can wear again for an anniversary or something...
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Erica said...

You should wear it while cleaning the apartment.

alisoj said...

you should dye it black and then wear it to every formal affair you have until it no longer fits!