Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phillip Lim Fall Runway Show

I could not keep up with fashion week, but I"m still going through it all and I am so surprised at how much I like what Phillip Lim showed. I know, everyone in the fashion world loves him it seems, but it doesn't always translate into clothes that real women can wear - it's all for boyish stick thin figures. But something is different this season and I can really see women with all kinds of body types wearing these pieces. Also, it's interesting that it seems alot of trends from previous seasons are still going strong with many different silhouettes remaining current - short dresses, wide trousers, skinny pants, cropped jackets, it makes for a great mix. Take a look at my favorites:

I love the v-neckline and the gathers on the side - this would look AMAZING on an hourglass figure, which is nothing I would have said about any Phillip Lim designs I've seen before.
This next dress as well:

I love this dress. It has a subtle pattern on the fabric, and this would create amazing curves on a boyish figure as well as look amazing on other women.

Then we have the jackets - I thought there were so many fantastic jackets in the show I can't possibly put them all in this post, but some favorites -

I love the cropped jacket over cropped skinny pants, of course this doesn't work on all figures.

This coat is incredible:

I'm really into this cream on cream look -

I love all the ruffles and layers on top, I probably wouldn't even have noticed it except that In one of Isla Fisher's press stops for her movie (shopaholic) she wore a top and jacket combo like this and I could not stop looking at it, it was so beautiful:

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