Friday, February 13, 2009

High Heels for the Bride

Now that my wedding is over, it's time to get serious about my sister's wedding - it's in May! She has her dress (it's GORGEOUS of course) but we need shoes. She is shorter than me, and her husband-to-be is more than a foot taller than her, so she is going want higher heels than me. Mine were only 2.25 inches tall, Erica wants shoes higher than 3 inches. Yikes!

Here are some good options -

Liz Rene Couture Women's Giselle Dyeable Pump

I love those, the d'orsay style is lovely. Yes, they look quite a bit like the ones I wore -

Liz Rene Couture Women's Melissa Sandal

and I LOVED mine! And we are sisters, so maybe some things are bound to be similar.

This one is cute too, and for May the sandal feel of it is nice -
Coloriffics Women's Desire Pump

Here is a really high option (with a platform!) -

Dyeables Women's Pearl Dyeable Pump

That last one is not for everyone, but Erica loves very high shoes.

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Erica said...

YEAH! I get my own post!! I love them, now I have to order them all and choose