Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Closet Consult In the NYTimes

The New York Times Style Section has a column by Michelle Slatella who does those great shopper columns. This one is about her friend forcing her to clean her closet. It's a great piece, laying out the fear, the things people have lurking in the back of their closet, and the honesty required to go through all of it and really decide what you should keep and what needs to go. I go through this process with clients, I also do it for myself regularly and family when they let me (mom, you are next!) I find it to be a really cleansing process and love it. It's good to have less stuff, and to know how to wear the clothes you keep. Read the column here.


Lorin said...

Good article - it nicely summarizes the panic I felt at having you go through my closet. Funny coincidence, though - I was just telling Chris last night about how well it worked out. I have so much more room now for my stuff. =)

Elena said...

Lorin, you were a real trooper and I'm so glad you are still enjoying the results!