Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimwear To Cover The Tummy

Today is a big day for me, I'm getting the final veneers/crowns for my teeth so I can put the ugly incident behind me. I will finally be able to eat normally, and with almost all of my stitches out of my lip I can even put away the straws (although they are fun!) I look almost back to normal, my lip is still swollen a little bit where the stitches were, unfortunately I hear from my father-in-law who also had lip stitches at some point, that the bump there takes quite a while to go away.

But back to the matter at hand - swimsuits. If your mid-section is a problem for you, I have a few ideas for the beach or pool.

I LOVE this one piece, it's such a classic look and the ruching is unbelievably flattering,

It comes in several colors including a really hot red color and a beautiful purple. This suit has shaping in it to smooth you out and create the shape you want. It's ideal for anyone who feels they have a few pounds to lose because the fabric and shape make you look slimmer.

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