Friday, May 1, 2009

Inexpensive Metallic Strappy Sandals (Party and Bridesmaids Shoes)

I'm still searching for silver strappy sandals for my sister's wedding to wear with my adorable black strapless knee length bridesmaid dress. I don't want to spend a lot on these, but if I find something really special...well...

but these are cute, and only $55 - good for brides also,

Touch Ups Gemini (Women's) - Silver Metallic

These Naturalizers are a few seasons old, but the style still looks right on, and they are also only $55 -

Naturalizer Prissy (Women's) - New Dime Metallic Leather

I actually have them in a couple of other colors, and noticed my sister-in-law was wearing them at my own wedding (what can I say, I'm always working...)

If you need more height, like my sister who is marrying a man more than a foot taller than her (!) these (only $52) might be just the thing -

Touch Ups Kendall (Women's) - Silver Metallic

All the links above will take you to Shoebuy, which has free shipping and free return shipping, no sales tax and they will match a lower price. All sounds good to me.

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Sydne said...

I literally just had this problem. I'm a bridesmaid at my friends wedding and she wants us to wear silver or gold but I'm nervous the cobblestone will mess up my nice stilettos. I actually found a pair of relatively cute silver Mossimo sandals at Target. They seem pretty comfortable so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's a Latin wedding so I know there will plenty of dancing!