Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Work and Conference Clothes on SALE!

It is that time again, for the Brooks Brothers friends and family sale, that menas 25% off of everything!

Save 25% at Brooks Brothers' Friends and Family Event 9/24-9/28 Only! Coupon Code: friend68

This is the perfect time to stock up on some great pieces for work,
Non-Iron shirts are for men and women, and the women's sizes also come in petite -

Petite Non-Iron Classic Fit Double Stripe Dress Shirt with DOW XLA™

Take the striped shirt above, it's classic fit and comes in a wide range of sizes. It would look great with a suit, a sweater over it, or if you have a sweater set put the shell (the bottom part) over it like a sweater vest with the collar peeking out. I love that look. Add a long or chunky necklace to make the look your own.

This non-iron shirt is in tailored fit, and has french cuffs, a wonderful detail. It makes the cuffs look fantastic, and cuff links for women a fun way to add jewelry subtly.

Non-Iron French Cuff Multi Stripe Dress Shirt with DOW XLA™

I love this wool tweed pencil skirt -

Wool Tweed Skirt

It's a great shape and has those two lines down the front. It might feel strange to buy a wool skirt when it's still warm, but with the 25% off this is the perfect time.

And then there are the coats, like this trench,

Cropped Cotton Trench Coat

They call it cropped, but I think it's just a little shorter than the traditional trench. The word cropped brings to mind something that fall above the hips.

And the camel hair coat -

Italian Camel Hair Polo Coat

which also comes in petite.

No more excuses about not having the right work clothes...

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