Friday, September 26, 2008

not your grandmother's shapewear....

I was shopping the other day (I know, shocking) and stumbled upon these Yummy Tummie tanks,

They are like a regular tank on top, and then a shaping material towards the bottom so that it can hold you in and smooth you out-

It's amazing, and they come in different strap widths, so if the skinny straps are not your thing, fear not (and kudos to you for knowing that).

There is also the Spanx version -

This one also looks fantastic, especially if maybe what you are worried about is the dreaded 'back fat' -

The Sassybax version has gotten alot of airtime lately - I thin because some of the women on the food network use it - particularly the ones who you think "there is no way they eat the crap they make on tv..." Maybe this is part of their secret?

The options are amazing these days, and they don't look like body armor anymore (like what they wear on Mad Men) or maybe what you remember your grandmother wearing. These are comfortable options that let your skin breathe and won't cause pain - no Scarlet O'Hara corset pain here.

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Lisa said...

I think it was Sassybax that started all of this, you know. What genius to create a bra that creates no bra bulge. It must have been a woman who came up with this concept!