Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am getting married in 60-something days and like a lot of people getting married in this day and age I'm kind of obsessed with our registries. What can I say, I'm a professional shopper and I love cooking and the whole process of making a wishlist and actually watching as things get purchased for us is both a strange and wonderful experience.

I love Williams Sonoma, it's like a wonderland for me. When I walk into that store I'm suddenly that woman who makes her own pasta or gnocchi, or madeleines or whatever else they put in the window to pull me in. I could not wait to register there and I have not been disappointed by the experience except for 1 very annoying glitch on their stupid website.

Once you log into the registry, they don't allow you to see the regular website. You have to choose from the limited inventory they have decided we would want to register for, excluding all the fun new things they add. no fair. There is seriously NO WAY to get back to the regular website without logging out.

I wonder if this is due to an outdated idea that people getting married are very young and beginners in the kitchen and want only "the basics" for the kitchen. If that's true it's time to get with the times, the average age for marriage is 25 and climbing and we want way more than the basics.

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lynn phan said...

elena, you should do your registering in store, particularly the post street flagship. it's 4 floors of bliss. grab that registry gun and go crazy. :)