Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sock Hop at the Emmys

I may be beating a dead horse here, but I have 1 more Emmy's fashion post, I am totally digging this tea-length (or maybe it's ankle length?) strapless dress style that seems to have taken Hollywood by storm,

my favorites:

America Ferrera-

The hair, the makeup, she looks amazing and the dress is gorgeous.

Lisa Edelstein -

How cute is she???? And the dress, my lord I love it.

And Marcia Cross looks great as well -

These dresses are like sock-hop clothes after a major upgrade, I love it. But of course notice one thing these lovely ladies all have in common in these photos are sky-high heels, necessary so the skirt cutting off at the ankle doesn't make anyone look squat (not that it's even possible with these women)

So, how can we recreate this look? I'd say carefully. And maybe within the 'spirit' of it,

Like this cute black dress -

Just add great hair, makeup and fun accessories and you have your own version of America's Emmy outfit.

Or this gorgeous skirt -

I love the swish factor and appliqu├ęs, like Lisa's dress above.

Or this AMAZING option -

Christopher Deane Karolina Polka Dot Dress in Black/White

I love that dress, and even better, it's on sale - 50% off. Buy it, that dress deserves a good home.

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