Wednesday, September 17, 2008

layer, layer, layer

Weather here is so crazy. We were sweltering a little more than a week ago and now it's cold. Since I never know what to expect when I leave the house, I'm going with layers so that I can add or subtract as I need throughout the day. So, what I like to have are thin, stretchy and flattering layering T's. My faves these days are C+C tops like these:

The deep v-neck is flattering on EVERYONE, and the super long sleeves and pretty long torso of these shirts are also great features, even for those of us who are petite. We don't want to show too much when bending over, we can leave that to young hollywood. This feature is key for moms or anyone else active during the day.

this turtleneck is fantastic:

I love the seam across the shoulders and pleating detail, it's different and interesting while being super easy at the same time.

This cardigan is so great, I love to wear mine on airplanes -

They all come in a rainbow of fruit flavors. colors. whoops.

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