Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What the Emmy's teach us about wearing a bra

Christina Hendricks, otherwise known as Joan Holloway thanks to her Mad Men role (she was also in Firefly!), knows how to dress her "assets," case in point:

She has big boobs, but she has them right where they should be.

Susan Sarandon on the other hand:

And no, this is not about the cruelties of age or gravity, this is about the lack of an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (from Beaches, yes) This is a woman who looks AMAZING above the neck and chose to leave the house without a bra. Seriously, her hair, her makeup, it's all so beautiful, but I'm blinded to it because her boobs are huge and creeping down to her waist. If she put on a bra she would look really shapely - be able to demonstrate she has a waist instead of looking like she is in a house-dress.

Another example of a beautiful bra wearing woman :

Chandra Wilson looks amazing.

to make sure no one else has Susan Sarandon's problem let's look at some great bras that come in a wide range of sizes -

Like this Wacoal Elegance bra that runs up to a G cup-

Here is a choice that comes in sizes up to G cup that has convertible straps, which means it can be worn with a halter dress or crisscrossed straps.

Maybe Susan didn't wear a bra because she didn't want the straps to show, and a strapless bra is not so effective for bigger sizes. A better choice in cases like this would be a bustier or longline bra which are not only for your wedding day, this would be a great choice -

or this one that goes up to DDD cup,

So, remember, support the boobs and voila, you will have a waist!

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