Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Latest Earring Obsession

I was watching something slightly embarrassing this weekend, Royal Pains, yes the kind of dumb TNT show. but I loved the earrings one of the characters was wearing. I have not been able to stop thinking about them and have been hunting obsessively for them but can't find something exactly like them. They are cascading small gold circles and pink and purple stone drops. The cascading style is really fun and flirty, and the light bounces off the stones and circles of metal. The color doesn't really matter, everyone should pick depending on their own preferences, but as usual - I love pinks, purples and reds!

I found a few styles that are similar -

This first pair is from Dasha, and can be made to order with many different stones, they have a long list you can choose from. It's a great price for a custom pair of earrings, and I do think a style like this is incredibly wearable, they look great with a casual jeans and tee outfit, or with a cocktail dress.

I also like this Janna Conner design, the long wrapped crystal -

I think those are gorgeous, and would really dress up a casual outfit and a ponytail, but look just as good with your LBD.

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