Thursday, August 20, 2009

New School Bag

A friend who is a teacher asked for a little help finding a great tote for the new school year. My friend didn't specify what she wanted - canvas, leather, solid, leaves so many options my head is spinning. I would probably go with a solid, maybe with some fun embellishments, I'm more likely to use it all year that way. And as much as I like canvas, it has it's place (my big LL Bean monogrammed bag for overnight trips) but it isn't as professional as I would like either.

I will start with this Rachel Nasvik bag, it's gorgeous leather and I LOVE the really unexpected color, but in such a professional shape/size, folders and a laptop would fit in it. It is pricey, but having bought one of her bags about a year and a half ago, I of course think it's totally worth it -

Rachel Nasvik Jennifer Tote

It will look gorgeous against a black coat or a khaki trench, with jeans or add a fun kick to a professional wardrobe.

If you need something a little less, um, visible, this Hobo International tote may be a good option for you, it comes in black, brown and red -

Hobo International Rendita Tote

It's a great shape and size for documents, folders and a laptop. The straps are long enough to fit over the thickest of winter coats also, an important thing to think about in much of the country.

I also like this fun orange tote, the hardware makes it exciting, and the color is also unexpected, but not quite like the hot pink in the first bag above.

Bulga Blesk Tote

This great metallic bag is a nice slouchy shape, it comes in a few fun colors. It isn't real leather, great both for price and for people who don't want to buy leather. It is also big enough for all the necessities -

Melie Bianco S9-179 Tote

See anything you like?

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Thanks Elena! Now my head is spinning!