Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brain Freeze

Since leaving grad school last summer my reading list has included many decidedly un-academic titles, like the collection of essays on the trials and tribulations of womanhood "The Bigger The Better The Tighter the Sweater." While it was amusing I can't say it's much more than that. I have read some great books, mainly food memoirs by Ruth Reichl and the surprising page-turner Heat by Bill Buford (if you haven't read it yet go buy it NOW). But Catie over at Cuffington has a lovely post on a few fashion memoirs. I have already ordered a couple of them from Amazon, including the one about Andre Leon Talley who I swear I saw walking in Union Square last month. Check out her post here.

And there is also this other book I have been thinking of reading. It's by a shoe historian and curator so maybe we can consider it 'serious' reading!

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