Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Brides Just Don't Want Much of a Gown

I do not mean to focus so much on bridal wear, but today's NY Times fashion section has an article about brides who want, how shall we say this, a lot less fabric in their wedding dresses, complete with visible tramp stamp! (for those who aren't familiar with the term that's the tattoo on the lower back)

They argue that this is a woman's shot to have a real photo shoot and be in the limelight, I agree with that, however I'd prefer to remember myself as more Audrey Hepburn than say, Jenna Jameson. Am I alone in that?

Read the article.

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Penina P. said...

No,you are not alone! My wedding dress has a lace up down the back. When I recently tried it on before I took it from the store, the 'consultant' said that some women choose to remove the back panel after the ceremony. That would involve seeing the ribbons on an exposed back with all the way to just past the lower back tatoo zone. I was horrified! I'm not going for slutty on my wedding day. And you aren't wedding obsessed, so don't worry!