Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Miracle Shoe

My sister and I started shopping for her wedding dress yesterday, and we started with the best - Vera Wang. The most surprising thing we discovered (the amazing-ness of the dresses was not surprising) were the shoes! They gave her a pair of shoes to try on with the dresses and the shoes had the most incredible padding worked into the sole. I have never seen such a thing actually and I am a little obsessed. The brand is Filippa Scott and they are crazy expensive, however I already came up with a way to make it more worthwhile - they are dyeable satin, which it's true, I might have talked about how ugly those can be - this brand is an exception, one peep toe version in particular:

So, back to why it might be worth spending so much($345) - hello, comfort? The pink parts on the sole that are a little visible in the picture are deep cushions, what a great idea! If you want a hot shoe that you can actually wear all night, this has got to be it, plus - if you dye it black, you actually could wear it with every dress you have, right? It's worth trying.

I want her to start making all kinds of shoes, why only bridal? No fair.

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