Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

I know it is still really cold in much of the country, but here it has been beautiful the past few days - warm and sunny. Of course I got a cold now. Sucko.

The fall fashion shows this past week had me kind of forgetting about spring, but I looked at Shopbop today and they had some adorable new stuff, so now I can happily plan for the coming season with outfits like this:
Please ignore the hideous shorts in the picture. The top is Tbags, I'd wear it with my skinny or wide-leg jeans I think, or a skirt if it's very warm, and this Gorjana necklace:

it can be worn doubled or as one long strand. And we can't forget the shoes:
Ah, I can feel the sun on my face already.

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