Saturday, February 9, 2008

Flats Shouldn't Hurt

I love flats, those are flat shoes for you novices. Ballet flats, pointy toe flats, embellished, plain, I am an equal-opportunity flat lover and my closet sings that loud and clear (or really it's the gasp I hear when people see my open closet for the first time and all the shoes crammed in there, and yes I occasionally answer to Imelda)

Sadly not everyone else understands my love of flats because if you choose the wrong ones after a day of walking on them you feel like you have been walking directly on concrete (it hurts in the ankles, knees, pretty much everywhere). I can help steer you away from the bad ones.

First, if they are cheap, it's highly unlikely they are good. Sad but true. Unfortunately price is not the only way to tell because there are plenty of expensive flats that have no business being called "shoes" - they are more like slippers and pretty unwearable outside. So, as cute as the Loeffler Randall line for Target is, don't expect those flats do be well made like their regular line with prices more in the $300 range. But also don't look to J.Crew for well made comfortable flats. In my experience their flats have absurdly thin soles - and a hefty price tag in the $118-$165 range.

I have also made the mistake of buying Nine West ballet flats. While incredibly cute, I can only wear them when I am spending the day on carpeted surfaces, or walking less than 2 blocks. After a few blocks outside my knees feel like I've just run a half-marathon (I would say marathon, but I've never actually run 26.2 miles all at one time).

My favorite line of flats, as I've said before on this blog is Me Too, (like the yellow one above) they are really well cushioned, and all cost well under $100. But I also love my Cole Haan flats, while not cushioned exactly, are so well made that they absorb shock, are very wearable and they aren't even the Cole Haan/Nike Air collaborations. The ones with Nike Air technology are even better.

The downside is that those can get expensive, but Calvin Klein actually makes less expensive flats with a lot of cushioning as well. I got a pair for ridiculously cheap during one of Bloomingdales' amazing sales (I mean around$40) so keep your eyes open. I found them on Zappo's at full price:
Zappo's has this cool price-matching deal that if you find a pair of shoes cheaper, they give it to you for even less than that cheaper price, and I know they really follow through with that deal so shopping around is always a good idea.

But, if you don't like embellished, and I totally get that - there are plenty of options. Personally I like the bling, but HATE logos, which is why I won't buy one of those incredibly popular Tory Burch flats. I just don't want to pay a lot of money to be a walking ad for her. And I never want everyone who looks at me to know exactly what I'm wearing. I don't see the fun in that.

So find some comfy flats for Spring. Happy Shopping!

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