Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time for a New Man-Bag?

My father has been hinting (Ok, requesting daily) that I find him a bag. It apparently wasn't just my mother that passed down the gene requiring me to carry everything I might need (you know, the basics like a notebook, camera, home-made first-aid kit, tissue, pens for everyone, enough change to do laundry for my whole building, etc) He has it too.

I find that men don't really have many options when it comes to a daily bag that isn't a computer bag - you know, the man-bag or murse.

For the young hipster it seems easier to find a bag, the smaller messenger type works - like this one -
available on ebags for $45.

Or this J.Fold's leather version for $140:

But for my father who could not pick a hipster out of a crowd let alone define the term the right bag needs to be something a little more refined, more appropriate for his life. So, to start looking I went to the sites I would search for a bag for my mother and checked out the men's options.

This eco-friendly option available on Tobi for $70 lies somewhere in the middle:

It's got a very clean look, and is still very cool.

Cole Haan has some nice options, although they are a bit pricey (no surprise there, you pay for quality) such as this leather newspaper bag for $295 :

Or the canvas/leather version for $275:

But those aren't quite right.

Jack Spade is always a good option, such as this messenger available at Nordstrom:

A smaller version of this bag is available at the Jack Spade store, you can call to order it, just check out the website for the information.

Of course leave it to Ferragamo to make a really gorgeous version available at Nordstrom:

I'm not sure we have found the right bag, but this is certainly a start.

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