Friday, February 15, 2008

Bridesmaids Dresses Give Back

Yes, you read the headline correctly, we can finally do something with those annoying dresses that we hate having to spend so much money on and then never wear again -did you all love the scene in 27 Dresses with all the brides echoing one another saying "you can just shorten it and wear it again" as much as I did? Now you can give back and even get back something yourself.

The Princess Project of the Bay Area accepts dry-cleaned formal and semi-formal dresses to provide to girls who can't afford a prom dress. How great is that? And to add a cherry on top (or for me since I hate maraschino cherries it's more like the whipped cream or chocolate sauce) if you are in San Francisco and donate through the Fillmore st. boutique Her, you get 25% off of one full-priced item.

2 great things rolled up in one good deed, very cool.

And if any readers know of a similar program in your neck of the woods, please submit a comment to let others know.

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