Friday, February 15, 2008

Painter's Smocks Might Be In Now

Ok, so that post title might be an exaggeration, but perhaps you too have noticed all of the clothes that look paint-splattered?

There are those ads in fashion mags for a high end brand, of course I'm blanking at the moment but I'm pretty sure it isn't YSL even though they seemed to start the trend with this gorgeous dress:

From Robert Rodriguez we have this green paint splattered one($319 at eLuxury):

And this Vince version for $285 at Shopbop:

Or this other Vince version for $245 at Tobi:

Even BCBG has it's own version at $142:

At first I wasn't so sure about the trend, but I'm into it now. It makes for a fun dress and if the splatters are well placed, could help camouflage those flaws as we like our clothes to do - such as the second Vince dress which is black on top and looks as though the paint "drips" down onto the white bottom- that is perfect for someone who is bigger on top.
The Robert Rodriguez dress is great for someone who is long-waisted (has a proportionately longer torso) as well as for someone who doesn't have much of a hip to waist ratio (what I lovingly refer to as my tree-trunk bod, otherwise known as "boyish")

Anyway, these are fun looks to play with.

***Update - when I posted this I hadn't checked my email, Shopbop sent out an email today with pictures of 3 dresses and the title "Wearable Art" - we must be on the same wavelength, although they did not include any of the dresses I posted.

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