Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I walked into Calypso last week while in New York. I generally don't bother as it is a store designed for the "I winter in St. Barth's" kind of crowd which most definitely does not include me, but I viewed this visit as research. Plus I know when they have sales, they have SALES.

They have these short dresses that I thought were so cute, but also seem to be part of a trend, cute summer dresses in a fabric that will make you sweat even more than usual. This is a real problem for someone like me, i.e. a sweaty mess on a hot day which is not to be confused with what Christian, the Project Runway winner, calls a hot mess - got that? I become a sweaty mess, NOT a hot mess, this is a very very important distinction (to me).

Check out the Calypso version:

Which looks a lot like this Cynthia Rowley dress:

This one is reversible to plain black.

Ok, with one on top of the other they suddenly don't look so similar, but they are made of the same material, a silk taffeta, and I just don't understand who thought it was a good idea to make a cute summer dress out of it. Maybe people who winter in St. Barth's don't sweat?

On another note, Calypso does have some great stuff on sale, like this Foley and Corinna city tote, a style that achieved it-bag status pretty quickly. I never thought it was worth full price, however marked down I might want to re-think that, the leather is really nice and it's a useful bag.

So, to review, clothes that turn me into a sweaty mess = bad; cool bags on sale = good.

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