Monday, March 24, 2008

Can Hillary Have her Own Intern?

I love a good discussion on women in politics, and conversation today seems to have turned to why women in power don't have such high- publicity sex scandals as men. This Newsweek article spurred the discussion. I didn't know about/remember any of the women-politician sex scandals they listed, they seem kind of tame for the most part compared to Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer. I find the image of a Hillary-intern romance somewhat funny - what's interesting is why it's funny- older powerful women just aren't as conventionally sexy as men in the same position - and I say conventionally because everyone has their ideas of what is or isn't attractive or sexy, but on the whole we do not value older, powerful women, certainly not in the same way we do older, powerful men (although there should be some mention of the term 'cougar' somewhere here).

Jezebel has some ideas about the article and subject, mentioning how on the View they talked about teacher-student sex scandals and how the ones we hear about seem to be mainly women like Mary Kay Letourneau (who has 2 kids with her former student I believe). I wonder though if we aren't just fascinated by those cases because they go against our ideas of "normal" sex scandals.

In the end people seem to think that the only reason there aren't so many women-politician sex-scandals is that there just aren't so many women politicians, because according to a study quoted in the article, women's infidelity rate is quickly catching up to men's.

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