Wednesday, March 5, 2008

JFK musings

I'm stuck in JFK so what can I do? Blog of course. While I was in New York for a sad reason I took a little time for myself and visited my old haunts, mainly boutiques in the West Village. Not much has changed although the women who work at Blush (Bleeker and Christopher) are even meaner than I remember. No wonder some people hate shopping, if I thought that was what boutique shopping was like I probably wouldn't want to shop either. So anyone in New York, stay away from that place. ick. I reviewed it on yelp, you can check that out here.

There are plenty of lovely boutiques with lovely salespeople around there too though, like both of the Verve boutiques, one is focused on shoes and the other is as it has been for years - crammed full of incredible bags and jewelry. I found myself drawn to the Rachel Nasvik bags, after a lot of hemming and hawing and the owner dropping some bags on my head (by accident, really) I decided on a black tote. The leather of her bags is so great, and they are light and roomy as well. perfect for me to haul my entire apt around town. I can't seem to find a picture I can put in here, i will try again later.

Not everyone likes the stores, they are really tiny so the salespeople can seem pretty pushy - and like I said, one dropped some stuff on my head, but then she did give me a discount, so who cares about a little headache anyway.

In the shoe store I saw this Kooba bag that was such a beautiful green, the only problem I had with it is that it's a bit heavy for it's size. All the Kooba bags seem so heavy, I don't get it, but it was gorgeous. It's available at Revolve among many other stores. It also comes in black and I've seen it in hot pink - sounds scary but it's so great.

I also peeked into the Cynthia Rowley store on Bleeker, and I have to say the salesman was so so nice, i stayed just to have a conversation with him. So If you need a dress and don't know where to go - go there. He will help you!

Most everything else I can get in the Bay Area, the one store we don't have that I wanted to check out was Uniqlo, it's a Japanese chain that has one American location in Soho. It was pretty cool, not quite as inexpensive as I thought it would be, but I got a great pair of high waisted wide legged jeans for $60, and no one else in San Fran is going to have them! That's my favorite part I think, plus there is no logo anywhere on the jeans so no one will know, except whoever reads this of course. But you won't tell, right?

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Anonymous said...

come back to NYC to shop and play again soon - and this time just because it's so 'fierce' here! it's so great to see you and, as a bonus, to get your take on what looks good and where to get it!