Sunday, March 9, 2008

Get On the Shopping Express

Ok, cheesy title, I will admit it, but I have to sing very surprising praises for a few pieces I've seen lately at Express. Yes, I'm serious, the same store that sounds like a club and feels like anyone over thirty probably shouldn't be in there - they have some great pieces for all ages at the moment.

I was only able to find one of them on their website, this silk pleated full skirt:
In stores there is a version that is black on top, with a purple stripe on the bottom - I love it, and it's on sale for $29.99. The grey/black one might still be full price, $59.99. I suggest going in and checking it out, if you like it check back to see if it goes on sale. This is a great style on a lot of different body types - it can camouflage big hips, or create hips if you have a 'boyish' body.

The other two items I am loving right now include their denim version of the editor pant which is their signature style of pants. They come in different colors and fabrics every season, now they have them in a really dark denim and they look great. Also, they have a dark high waisted jean which looks like a normal pair of jeans - meaning no funny pockets or streaks or washes, but a waist that is a couple inches higher than the other styles - and it looks awesome on. So if you had your eye on a more expensive brand but didn't really want to spend, go try these on.

Happy shopping!

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