Monday, March 31, 2008

Public Transportation is NOT the Place to Groom Oneself

This a pet peeve, I have been noticing far too often lately that people think it's OK to clip their nails on trains and buses. I think its disgusting, the noise, the fact that they have no idea where the clipping will land, and the offenders obviously don't care at all. What is going on?

And to add to that, while on BART this weekend (the subway-like train that goes under the bay) a woman to my left was clipping her nails, and the "gentleman" behind me was clipping his NOSE HAIRS. I kid you not, but then he put away the nose hair trimmer, and pulled out a razor to full-on shave his beard. I didn't know where to throw my looks of disgust, there were too many options. Someone please tell me I'm on a gag-reel somewhere, that this wasn't for real.

Am I missing something? Did this behavior become acceptable at some point and I missed the memo?

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