Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Week's Obsession

I love jewelry. I like to joke that it is in my blood since I come from a line of goldsmiths. One of my favorite places in New York is the young designers market where I can get really cool, cutting edge, trendy jewelry directly from the artists before they get big and more expensive. Since I no longer live there I have to make do with what I see here, and to be honest generally just stick to my diamond studs for every day, but I saw these Anna Beck Designs earrings at some point last year, probably in a gossip mag because the likes of Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan have been seen wearing them:
They are around $200, so I thought nah, I don't need to pay so much for a peace of such trendy jewelry. But when I saw a knockoff at Forever 21 I will admit that I bought them, I mean for $4 how could I not? Well, I didn't even make it through 1 evening wearing the knockoffs, they were so heavy and painful it was torture. So here I am constantly thinking about ordering these puppies, the Anna Beck website doesn't seem to have the size i want (2 inches long) but I found them at Jennifer Kaufman. They are the perfect shape and size for me and I love how interesting they look, like an armadillo.

But again, I keep thinking for trendy jewelry it still seems like a lot, and what if the real one is heavy also, so I keep looking for other options and I found some, like these from Viv and Ingrid,

These are still big and gold, but really subtle and very light, but still not the same.

Guess I will have to keep looking, any suggestions?

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