Saturday, March 22, 2008

Maybe LC Should Stick to "Reality" TV?

The WSJ has another article that might be of interest - a profile of Lauren Conrad, otherwise known as LC of Laguna Beach and the Hills, the fine MTV masterpieces of "reality" television.

The article is (supposed to be) about her clothing line, which is more than a regular celebrity licensing deal I guess (but you can be sure it's no L.A.M.B, by far the BEST celebrity line, so good that you can forget it has anything to do with a celebrity). Lauren's line, or some of it anyway is now available at shopbop - to me they look like ridiculously overpriced t-shirts, but that's just me. You can take a look for yourself -

This Audrina dress is $172. But if it doesn't even look good on the model, are people going to buy it? I think it might have been worn by Lauren's friend Audrina, and most likely looked good on her (but I think everything looks good on that girl, and yes, I occasionally watch the Hills, it's research) I mean what does it do for this model? It's not flattering, I suppose if you are super skinny you can wear this and not worry about it, but how many of us really are, or really think about clothes like that?

She also has a line of handbags by Linea Pelle, not sure if she designed them or if they are "inspired by her" but I can tell you they are not at all original. I mean check out the Linea Pelle clutch -

And here is a Cynthia Rowley clutch that came out long before this one -

Coincidence? I think not.

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