Sunday, March 23, 2008

This Week's Obsessions

With spring comes spring cleaning, so as I've been making piles of things destined for Goodwill or Crossroads, I have been thinking about some pieces I might buy to fill the void.

I have been obsessing over bags, nothing new about that whatsoever - but I need to share these beauties.

The first is a Botkier bag, I know, ridiculously trendy but I just LOVE it...

The second bag is by Kooba, another brand I have yet to give in to because of the visibility of the bags, but this one might really change my mind - the Kooba Gemma in rose gold -

There are some other Kooba bags that have caught my eye, like this one -
I love the belt and all the pockets, but it's probably really heavy empty. Not good for me.

This Loeffler Randall bag is smaller and really pretty, but also a couple hundred dollars more than the others -
And I love love love this Jill Stuart tote -

It's so fresh and fun looking, it screams summer while still looking incredibly sharp. So many choices...

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