Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bag Obsessed Need Help (No, Not That Kind of Help)

I am not one of those women that carries one bag every day for months. I like to switch things up; the bag I use depends on where I am going, what I have to take with me and of course what I'm wearing. But the annoying part is making sure all the things i want to have with me are in there - and there are a lot of things I always want to have in my bag - ipod, cell phone, PDA, purell (yes,) lip gloss, pen, business cards, those sorts of things.

There are a couple of products that are designed to help the transition, they are basically a strip of pockets that goes into the bag to line the sides so that you can still put other things in the middle as you would normally. So you can put everything you need in the pockets, and just move the whole thing from bag to bag. Genius.

The Purseket comes in several sizes ranging from $18 to $22, and you can choose from a lot of fun fabrics.

The Joey Junior Purse Mate is very similar, and also comes in an array of fabrics. This one is priced $19.95 - $24.95.

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