Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You Still Need Shoes Under That Wedding Dress

(Wait, there is good shoe advice here even if you aren't getting married, I promise)

My sister and several of my friends are getting married in the next year or so and they have been asking about the shoes they should wear. Although this subject might not be of interest to everyone (I'm reminded of a great recent New Yorker cartoon with a man and woman walking hand in hand and she says to him "I am beginning to think you don't want to talk about baby carriages all the time" or something to that effect) but this is my blog and I can do what i want to!

The thing is, every bride has different requirements for her shoes - some want gorgeous heels and others want flats or even sneakers that they can dance the night away in. I have known many brides to change from heels to sneakers for the reception because they want the height of heels for pictures and the ceremony and comfort of flats for dancing. However you want to do it there are some great shoes for it:

This is the Touch Up Gemini, available at Zappos, It does have a 3 inch heel, but it's just so pretty! I also like that it's white satin without feeling like the dyeable shoes i might have worn for my bat mitzvah or even as a bridesmaid(yes I have had to wear dyeables as a bridesmaid). They also come in silver and gold Satin, in case you want to spice things up, or for any other occasion.

Another one I like:

This is the Moda Spana Katri, and yes it's true it is not white. Many wedding dresses have metallic beading on it, so there is no reason you can't do metallic shoes. I'm also a sucker for a peep-toe.

For women interested in comfort there is also this cute flat by Me Too (I had them in gold and wore them to death):

If you aren't looking for bridal shoes and want a nice and VERY comfortable flat they are available in an obscene number of colors and fabrics at Zappos . This is one of the brands that I recommend to mothers of young children who want to wear cute shoes to run around the playground as well.

And there is always the white sneaker option if you must:

sigh. at least it will be hidden by the dress.

I forgot to mention they are all under $100.

Photos from Zappos.com and Piperlime.com

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Anonymous said...

I still am not ashamed to say that my wedding shoes were from Payless and cost $14. :) They were these hideous white wedge "fancy" flip-flops...if there is such a thing. I still have 'em, but I'd refuse to wear them anywhere else.

Funny thing is that as horrible as they are, they went perfectly with my floofy, tulle dress and they served their purpose (I could wear them on the beach). I think I still like them so much because of the fact that I got a pair of shoes that were perfect for that one day that I know I will never wear again for under $20... But that's just me...Mrs. Frugal.
-Feefs :)