Monday, January 7, 2008

WSJ does it again

This weekend the Wall Street Journal had two great articles about bags. The 'Ask Teri' piece is about how to buy a bag that won't go out of fashion before you get it home. Teri gave great advice:

The point of today's designer handbags isn't creating classics but pushing seasonal novelties to convince women who wear them that they're on the cutting edge of fashion. While millions of fashionistas continue to buy into the hype -- and spend thousands of dollars on handbags every year -- some savvy dressers are sobering up. A $1,500 bag festooned with logos and showy geegaws -- especially if it gets knocked off to the point of ubiquity -- will look dated soon.

If you desire a truly classic handbag that will span the seasons, let your individual style guide you toward bags that are beautiful, functional and a bit more anonymous. I prefer bags with no logos, minimal hardware (such as metal rings and buckles), and snappy-looking top handles that are long enough to fit over my shoulder. I also like rich shades, such as purple, dark green and burgundy. Exotic skins such as python and crocodile are luxurious. But shun those oversized styles, which can be clunky and inhibit your stride.

The bag may not shout the designer's name, but it's far more chic to dress with a sense of mystery

Good advice to follow.

The other article was about all of the chronic health problems caused by carrying huge purses. According to the article, bags are getting even bigger this year, which is definitely a problem because we all tend to fill up the bags we carry. Not surprisingly it's better for your health to stick to smaller bags.

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