Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cashmere Mafia Again

Cashmere Mafia aired again and I'm afraid that the next time I watch it will be on mute. Maybe. Oh, let's be honest, I will watch it.

The clothes were even better than last time. The red-head character -whose name escapes me but I keep wanting to call her Miranda both because of THE Miranda on SATC, and because I think the actress is named Miranda in real life, this is the danger of being in so many magazines - her outfits were spectacular. I can't decide which I liked better, the one shoulder number or the pink halter dress. If I find pictures I will post them later.

The product placements were out of control on this one, maybe I just missed them in the first episode, but the Gucci and James Perse placements were unavoidable. Lucy Liu's trophy bag -in lieu of her fiance who dumped her for getting ahead, or as reward for her new job?- that she opened with a big flourish was the Gucci, and annoying guy Grant or whatever kept saying he was going to a James Perse sample sale - James Perse is a luxury basics line (t-shirts, etc).

I stand by my previous statement that Zoe (for some reason hers is the only name I ever remember from the show) wears fantastic office appropriate clothes. The problem I thought, was that they were trying WAY too hard to hammer home the 'difference' between the business school graduates (could they have said business school more times? I might watch it again just to count) and the stay-at-home mom. I guess they have to play up that angle to emphasize the importance of work in these women's lives, the working mom versus the available mom kind of thing, but this just made me feel icky. The evil mom was played by a woman who seems to always play the evil soapy characters (am I revealing to much to say I think she was on Days of our Lives waaaaay back when I watched it? And I mean way back. I swear. By the way - just saw an ad for that show, Marlene and John Black are still doing seriously twisted story-lines. It's like the 15 years since I watched it last never really happened except that their makeup got way heavier)

Sorry, back to the show. To review, clothes great, story-lines, not so much.


Susan said...

I watched the first episode and liked it, although you're right it's not really quality tv (more like a guilty pleasure like "Gossip Girl").

The whole thing about the "business school" graduate thing doesn't really get to me that much because it's pure fiction. I'm a "business school" graduate and although I work in Seattle and not in Manhattan, I am pretty sure that there are very few women who live lives like they do, business school or not. It's like Sex and the City...although I didn't live in the city, of all of my visits there and all of the people that I know who've lived there, none of them had lives like Carrie's (huge apartments, never really worked, wore fabulous clothes, dined at fabulous restaurants and got into fabulous clubs...).

Sadly, I feel like my "business school" graduate/future mother life will be very pedestrian and while I won't be wearing crocs or velour sweatsuits, I won't be wearing Prada either. :)

p.s. four times in one post. did it make you crazy? ;)

Penina P said...

I also noticed the overuse of 'business school' ...and then I realized that I say 'rabbinical school' in every other sentence. I only wish that rabbinical school graduates could get away with wearing sheer oversized sleeve blouses a la Lucy Liu...