Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years

I have been reading top ten (and worst ten) lists and New Years resolutions all over the place in the past week as the year came to a close. I try to not make resolutions myself because no one ever keeps them and that just makes you feel guilty, why do something that is supposed to be fun but that really only sets you up for failure? Anyway, I'm going against my rule and making one for 2008 in regards to shopping: buy less, and wear what I have more.

It sounds really simple, and yet I find it so difficult. There is always something new that would somehow fix something, not a drill or screwdriver, but a sweater that would somehow make me able to wear everything else in my closet or a fun pair of high heels that would turn me into an avid high-heel wearer. Of course neither of those things happen.

Plus, in a day and age when we constantly read and talk about conservation and eco-consciousness, it can't be good to buy what is essentially disposable clothing (Target, H+M, etc) or even more expensive pieces that hang unworn in our closets.

Some people save clothes, I used to do that too. I sometimes felt like something was too nice to be worn regularly and saved it for a special occasion, that is NEVER a good idea. once you finally get around to wearing it it doesn't look good anymore, something about it won't be right.

It's great to add a fun new piece here and there, but I try to remind my clients as we go through their closets or go shopping that we need to buy pieces that actually work for their life, and get rid of things they don't wear. I need to follow more of my own advice! Hopefully in 2008 I will.

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