Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New Suit

Instapundit seems to have just noticed the new (even more upscale) line at Brooks Brothers called Black Fleece designed by Thom Browne, the first guest designer. It's been in magazines for a while and every time I see it I wonder what kind of man would wear this, and to what. I mean, I once worked in an office where a woman got sent home for wearing a suit with somewhat cropped pants. The Men's capri (or the manpri)was hard enough to get into, then there is this.

According to the website he is foreshadowing a trend, I hope he is very very wrong. I do not see men going to work in cashmere suits with bermuda shorts or pedal pusher pants, I just don't. Unless they are going for the "Sound of Music" look which really only works if you are a young boy. Or perhaps never.

Then, if you take a gander at the women's suits he designed, they also don't seem to work. The shrunken jacket is cute, but I have a hard time believing any woman could make the cream suit with black windowpane print look like something other than a clown suit. Also the long shapeless jacket, definitely not made with a woman's figure in mind. That could be the ultimate test for that person you think could wear anything. We should try that, dare a woman to wear that jacket. It would be like that column in one of the women's magazines where they have a writer do crazy things in public and note peoples reactions, like wearing very low rise pants with the thong obviously showing, having a dress only partially zipped or clipping ones nails in a public place -like the subway in NYC, which I have to say is not nearly the most offensive thing i've seen on the subway - do you know how many ADULTS think its acceptable to pick their nose in public - this must be stopped, but back to the matter at hand - these suits are ugly, and it does not matter that they have the Brooks Brothers label, or how "fashion forward" they are, or how expensive and well made - stay away.

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