Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Recent Bag Obsession

On occasion I have been called a bag-lady (I like bags), lately i've been called Imelda more frequently (I really like shoes). Since I already covered shoes today I thought I should write about bags. My most recent bag obsession has been the Jill Stuart line. I know she has been designing for a while, I remember seeing her jeans around several years ago. Her Fall'07 ad campaign had Lindsay Lohan looking drugged out writhing on a hallway floor, not exactly a good way to get me to buy anything. But her bags are gorgeous. Take this one for example:

The Brigitte, available at shopbop for $495

There are also gorgeous smaller bags, some even on sale like the Valerie:

This bag in brown is on sale, the green is still full price ($395). There is also a silver one that I LOVE:

Photos from Shopbop

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