Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary Says No, Obama Says Yes

Hillary Clinton apparently pulled out of a planned interview with Vogue leaving the Editor in Chief Anna Wintour seething. If you have seen 'The Devil Wears Prada' you know not to mess with Anna Wintour (Meryl Streep's evil boss-lady was based on her). Clinton reportedly said she didn't want to appear too feminine or alluring. I'm having a hard time believing "alluring" was the problem, if I'm wrong then her ego needs more space than the white house can offer. If I'm right, I can see how feminine and concerned with fashion might not feel like the best way to sell yourself as the future Pres. Wouldn't it be great if this century we lost those foolish ideas, the ones that make us think only the wife of the pres can sell herself as feminine , and a woman actually running for president has to do the opposite, basically proving herself to be one of the boys? Maybe then a show of 'female' emotion won't even make the front page.

Meanwhile Obama is on the cover of the latest Men's Vogue. He clearly has no problem selling himself as attractive and well-dressed.

WWD (Women's Wear Daily to those of you who don't read this kind of news regularly- heathens) has Wintour's seething recorded for you. Read it.

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