Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Halston Puts the Fashion World in a Tizzy

The big news in the fashion world (no, not an oxymoron) today is that Halston has figured out a way, hopefully, to beat the faux-fashion hawkers at their game. The famous 70's fashion house revived by a strange group including Rachel Zoe (the stylist to the stars who only eats raw vegetables and sends back a plate of them if there is a trace of anything else nearby and is so skinny it hurts to look at her) made a deal with the online high-fashion source Net-a-Porter to start selling two of their styles the day after the fall show.

This is big news for several reasons, the first being that high fashion generally takes months to go from runway to shop. This delay is what makes it so easy now for cheaper lines to knock off the styles and get them into stores before the real versions get there.

Read all about it in WWD.

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