Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clothes Off Their Backs

I just saw 27 Dresses. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, it was really cute - and I'm obsessing over some of the outfits in it (not the bridesmaids dresses, ick) I looked at the movie website and it has a link to another site called Premiere Props, where we can buy the actual outfit worn by the actors in the movie. I wouldn't actually buy the outfits - they are ridiculously overpriced, I guess they want us to pay for the fact that the clothes were on James Marsden's and Katherine Heigl's backs but I like it because I can see what brand each of the pieces are, and try to find them myself on say, ebay. Something like this outfit:

On Premiere Props we could purchase the outfit, probably in a wee little size (it doesn't say but the actress looks tiny) for a paltry $1499.99, I might go looking for the awesome Philip Lim top elsewhere though.

But this Temperley dress:
it's gorgeous, and on Premiere Props it's priced at $899, which is probably significantly less than it would cost new. That might be a great deal if you are the right size.

It looks like such a fun site!

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Anonymous said...

You have NO idea how happy that picture made me. I loved her dress and I am trying hard to make it myself. I would have definitely bought it for that much. It's much cheaper than the other outfits. Dam someone owns that and its not me! But thank you for the picture i have searched endlessly for any pics of it except taken from my TV! If only i could see the back of it.