Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shemergency Kit

I will admit it, I loved the movie "The Wedding Planner." J-Lo was cute and funny and was pretty good with the physical humor. In some circles I am known for always having a bag, and usually a pretty big one at that, because there are a million things I feel I need to have with me just in case. The wedding planner, however, put me to shame. I loved how she was prepared for everything - remember - FOB is MIA (father of the bride for you fools who didn't watch the movie ten times), and then she opens her vest to reveal everything anyone could possibly need in any situation like breath freshener, cotton swabs, tape, pins, thread, glue, ah a girl can dream to be that prepared. Anyway, this evening an email about this "Shemergency Survival Kit" was waiting for me and it looks somewhat promising, and better yet it's only $20 so if it doesn't answer all of your preparedness dreams, you won't feel like you got robbed.

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