Friday, January 25, 2008

Only Powerful Men Ask For Help

The WSJ has another article about how hard it is for powerful women to dress properly. It's true it is harder for women than it is for men because powerful women, as noted in the post about Hillary canceling her Vogue shoot, can't look alluring, and while they should look feminine, can't look too "girly."

Sadly, apparently they don't often ask for help:

Oddly enough, several communications consultants told me it's mostly male executives who hire them for advice on grooming and attire. Women, by contrast, "don't understand that the things that shouldn't matter count as much as they do," says Dee Soder, a psychologist and founder of the executive-coaching firm CEO Perspective Group in New York.

Helpful feedback rarely reaches female executives' ears, because people are loath to discuss work attire directly with the wearer. Dr. Soder says she is often hired just to deliver a fashion message for an executive who quails from the duty. She once was hired to tell a company president that he needed new shirts, preferably with French cuffs. Another time, she was hired to tell a female advertising executive to wear less perfume.

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