Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Many Kinds of Shoes Does a Woman 'Need'?

Manolo the shoe blogger linked to this list The Thoughtful Dresser made of all the kinds of shoes she has in her closet by categories such as:

Flats in different colours to match different outfits, heels in different colours to match different outfits
Heels you can walk in, and heels you can't walk in
Ankle boots, knee length boots, sheepskin boots
Flat or low-heeled ankle boots to wear with jeans,
high heeled ankle boots to wear with more formal trousers
Knee length boots with high heels and knee length boots which are flat or have low heels
High heeled boots with heels you can walk in and high heeled boots you can't walk in

The list goes on including everything, even house shoes although apparently
Possession of Crocs voids the entire shoe collection.

Very funny. And true.

The reason I wanted to write about the list is that it includes the category ugly comfortable
shoes. There are cute comfortable shoes and we should replace the ugly ones with the attractive ones. Take the brand Frye for example. Even their shoes with 2.5 inch heels are actually really comfortable, and I'm not one of those women that try to convince you that stilettos are comfortable or any other crazy talk. In fact the one time in recent memory that I clearly lost my mind and went to a wedding in a pair resembling stilettos I took them off before the ceremony was over. Thank god the bride and groom gave out one of the best exports of the groom's native Brazil - Havaiana flip flops. All of us women tore through the bin looking for our size like we were at that wedding dress sale in Friends (you know, when Monica practically knocks that woman out for a dress) not my best moment.

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Dalia said...

I also recently bought a pair of Sofft "Elysia" quilted boots with a 2.5 inch heel that I can walk in all day!