Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scientific Experiment

My boyfriend's parents "do science" with their grand-niece and nephews. I LOVE the term, so I like to say I have been "doing science" myself.

Make-up enthusiasts and various others talk about the Nars Multiple like it could change your life. I'm not really what one would call a make-up enthusiast. I used to buy the stuff and it would sit, for like years. Take, for example my Clinique almost lipsticks that I bought in the 8th grade. Even though I did use them through high school I probably never made it through half of the tube and finally threw them out when I realized I still had them (they smelled after 15 years, shocker) Good thing I cull through my closet much more frequently than my make-up stash.

So, fast forward to adulthood and I do actually use a few products each day: sunscreen (spf 30 in fall and winter, spf 58 in spring and summer), under-eye concealer, mascara and blush. Oh, and of course lip-gloss and lipstick (I re-purchased a Clinique almost lipstick when they came out with cool new colors last year). I find that these few products do wonders, particularly when I'm tired and my skin looks sallow or something.

But there was always this Nars Multiple. It's supposed to work on your cheeks, eyes and lips. So what is it? blush? eye shadow? It is creamy, and it comes in a fat stick (descriptive, no?) What does a normal gal who doesn't spend much time on her make-up do with this? I decided to "do science" and find out. I started with the most popular color of the Nars products, Orgasm. It's a pink color that is supposed to work on a variety of skin tones; I figured it would work on me because of the skin tone of models and actresses make-up artists use it on.

I went to Sephora and bought it, but then I stared at it awhile, I mean again, what does one do with a stick that is supposed to do everything?

Day 1: I rubbed the sucker right on my cheeks. Bad idea, I looked like I had rosacea. clearly the wrong use.

Day 2: I used my fingers to put it on my eyes, cheeks and lips. Turns out it's not great on my lips, and because I put it on my eyes the glitter in it (a slight sheen) went all over, a friend said I looked like I was sweating under my eyes. Not good.

Day 3: With my finger I put it only on my cheeks. It didn't do much.

Day 4: After applying my normal powder blush I used my finger to put the Nars product on over it. This seemed to be the winner. It added sheen to my normal blush, was subtle but gave a nice pinky glow. Aha!

So, since then I have used it over my blush, washing my hands immediately after application so that I don't accidentally get it around my eye. I like it, but I wouldn't rave over it or tell women that they MUST own it, not at all. I also have the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick which has similar uses, but is a powder. I'd say the stick stays on longer, being that it gets rubbed in as opposed to the powder, but it's up to the woman.

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