Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Sales

Lately while shopping I have felt like everything is on sale. Now, that might not be true if you are looking for a bathing suit, but if clothes you can wear this season are what you are looking for, I have some sales and some sale navigating tips for you.

Now is the time to get winter clothes. Probably not a surprise, but if you feel like your coat is not holding up - now is the time to replace it. Also if you are looking for cashmere sweaters, even wool skirts and pants, now is the time. And if you get good quality and timeless pieces, you will definitely be able to wear them next winter and beyond.

When looking for a coat, think about the color for how well it will stand up to the elements in your life and be easily worked into your wardrobe, as well as the silhouette to determine whether it is timeless or not. A friend of mine was trying to decide on a coat, choosing between cream or black. It was expensive and while the cream is beautiful and trendy right now, if cost is a concern I would generally advise people to go with a darker color. The color doesn't have to be black by any means, brown, charcoal, navy, burgundy - these are all just as elegant, chic and wearable. I also asked her how often she thought she would wear it, her answer told us exactly what she should do - she couldn't imagine wearing the cream coat very often because of the light color, and unless you have the extra cash and space then a piece you wear very infrequently isn't the best investment to be making right now.

As for the silhouette or shape, the piece should fit you well and not look too trendy, otherwise next winter it will look dated already. I would advise most people to stay away from bubble coats and very skinny or very high waisted pants. Those shapes most likely won't hold up over the next few winters and can also be difficult to work into a wardrobe. While the very high waisted pant is something to avoid -some jeans and pants are called high waisted but it really means they sit at the natural waist, a good thing for several body types and anyone who doesn't want to flash their underwear every time they take a seat(important for moms who spend a lot of time on the floor). High waisted skirts are fantastic, they seem to work on many body types and create a gorgeous silhouette on a woman's body. Coats should fit well in the shoulders and have high armholes (that makes you look longer and leaner).

For sweaters I love 100% merino wool, they last much longer than many other kinds of sweaters. Cashmere is always fantastic of course. and please STAY AWAY from those terrible cocoon-like long cardigans with puffy sleeves, I've seen some women in very expensive versions of that style look homeless.

Now onto the actual sales:

Jcrew has made further reductions on their sale items, and they have a code for free shipping on orders over $175. The code is FREESHIP08, it's good until 11:59 ET on Sunday.

Banana Republic has a lot of things on sale including sweaters and wool pants.

Saks Fifth Avenue has been having a huge sale since Christmas and they still have a lot of gorgeous pieces, some are marked down 60-70%.

The gorgeous red Burberry dress to the left is marked down from $795 to $317. Saks has free shipping for orders over $150, and you can return items to the store. I know some people are scared of Saks, but their sales are incredible.

Nordstrom also has a wide variety of sale items on their website.

And last but certainly not least, Cole Haan and Piperlime have a lot of merchandise on sale. It's a great time to get a pair of boots!

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Penina P said...

Thanks a lot, Elena. When I saw your posting, I checked out the great selection at Banana Republic. But by the time I got home, the tops and sweaters I wanted were all gone. Thanks to you and your blog readers for buying out the store! :)